Certificate In International Business Development

Practical information

Program duration
90 hours – 3 weeks over 4 months

Entry requirements
Undergraduate degree or above + at least 3 years of work experience + proof of fluency in English

Degree level
Professional Certificate

Full program fees
€ 6,100

Important dates
Feb. 12 2018 - Module 1
Apr. 09 2018 - Module 2
May. 28 2018 - Module 3

Lieu d'enseignement
Grenoble Campus

Applications for 2018 admissions are open until January 3, 2018.


How does a manager implement a business plan in order to expand company activities into a new and fast-growing international market? This series of three modules is based on a learn-by-doing method through which you will create your own path to a target market. 

You will work with tools for the development and the definition of a business plan, and you will learn about the specific challenges related to international business. Throughout the course, you will be accompanied by instructors and peers as you develop a market-ready final presentation. Finally, you will test the business plan for implementation in a chosen country by exploring the various corporate management areas that will determine its success.

Participant profile:

  • International project managers;
  • Sales and marketing professionals with international goals;
  • Technical specialists aiming at international development.


Participants will attend three intensive sessions of one week, each delivered on our Grenoble campus.
The International Business Development certificate aims to develop skills required for the successful design and implementation of a business plan at international level. Thus, each participant will be asked to work on a project related to a specific product or service and to develop and present their business plan through the 3 modules.

International business planning (30h)

February 12 - 16, 2017

  • Globalization of markets and the internalization of the firm:
    Learn how to use macroeconomic and microeconomic indicators and comparative data to analyze the environment of possible market choices.
  • Understanding emerging markets and advanced economies:
    • Analyze and discuss country case studies;
    • Identify key features of potential new markets and economic environments. 
  • Global market opportunity assessment:
    • Identify the key features of potential new markets and economic environments;
    • Assess products and services for foreign markets, identify target markets and assess industry market potential, choose business partners, and estimate company sales potential.

International business operations (30h)

April 9  - 13, 2017

  • Key steps of an international operations development project:
    • A3 strategic approach and PDCA;
    • Projects and teams;
    • International distribution and supply chain management.
  • Individual/pairwork Project Completion:
    Drawing on core module input, you along with your module partner will apply core concepts and models to the specific contexts of your project. You will develop an analysis of a specific sector and country related to your chosen product or service.

New market development (30h)

May 28 – 1 June, 2017

  • Exporting – an overview of foreign market entry strategies:
    • Examine exporting as a market entry strategy, export-import transactions, and identifying and working with foreign intermediaries.
  • Global sourcing:
    • Focus on benefits and risks of, as well as solutions for, global sourcing and sourcing implementation.
  • Foreign direct investment and collaborative ventures
  • Franchising, licensing and other business vehicles

During the Certificate in International Business Development, you will join a group of Executive MBA participants that are currently studying at GEM. You will benefit from the diverse highly competitive environment and extend your professional network.




  • Acquire the operational tools for the creation of an international business development plan;
  • Learn by doing: develop and test your own international business plan in your chosen country by looking at all the various corporate management areas that will determine its success.
  • Programs delivered in English, within an international context (participants and faculty);
  • Sharing of experience with other professionals and access to a dynamic network of alumni;
  • Participants who validate the three modules also get credits towards our MBA program if they decide to continue studying (credits valid for 2 years)
  • A training developed by a triple accredited business school.



  • Bachelor’s degree
  • At least 3 years of professional experience
  • Proof of fluency in English

Admission is subject to the number of places available.


To apply for this program please fill out the online application form and send all required supporting documents (indicated in the application form).

Applications for the 2017 is open. Deadline on January 6th. 

Program Fees

The cost of the Certificate is € 6,100. It covers the tuition and the access to all GEM facilities. The fee does not include neither meals nor accommodation.

Fees are subject to change. Please verify program fees each year before commencement an our policy concerning the refund of tuition fees